In my childhood I moved a lot due to my father’s business. Our surroundings changed so drastically each time that I could never establish a feeling of belonging and this leant uncertainty to my sense of being. This feeling drove me to create art works, that have better enabled me to experience being in ‘here and now’.


Kyoco Taniyama’s work is inspired by the history and characteristics of the places that she has involved herself with. Her site specific installations, art projects and public art works in various places are research based and encourage audiences to see the local identities of the areas in the new lights. At the same time the relationship that emerges between the new surroundings and herself through these projects helps her to recognize her own identity as well.

The Great East Japan Earthquake of March 11, 2011 had a tremendous impact on Taniyama’s works. Immediately after the event, she joined in with volunteer activities to clean up the towns in which everything from addresses to daily lives had been flushed away by the tsunami. In the face of such brutality that she had never experienced previously, the same question came back to her: “Where do I stand now?” Since then she began to think further about how to relate to places and started to use the coordinates of latitude and longitude in her work.

Her work evolves around the word ubiety, which in Japanese is the composition of ‘a place to be (space)’ and ‘existence (time / memory)’.

*The origin of ubiety comes from a Latin word “ubi” (which means ‘where’), meaning the quality or state of being in a place. It is similar to a Japanese word shozai, and currently rarely used in Europe.


Born in Japan, grow up in Borneo, Malaysia until 4 years old, live and work Berlin / Tokyo.

Her recent exhibitions include “Why Do You Find That Landscape Interesting?” (Fuchu Art Museum, Tokyo, JP, 2016), “Tea Talks お茶と祖国” (Bradwolff Projects × ZBK Zuidoost, Amsterdam, NL, 2016),  Socially Engaged Art Project “MACHINOHANASHI” 2014~, “Art Setouchi Triennale 2013/2010” (Kagawa, JP) and installed Public Art Works in various parts of Japan.

Asian Cultural Council Fellow in New York 2012 August -2013 February

Fellow of Overseas Study Programme for Artists, Agency for Cultural Affairs, Government of Japan 2018-2019 (Künstlerhaus Bethanien 1 year program)



1996   Graduated from Musashino Art University graduate course

1994   Graduated from Musashino Art University under graduate course



2016  Open Studio Program 68 “Why Do You Find That Landscape Interesting?” Fuchu Art Museum, Tokyo, Japan (16 July ~30 October, 2016)

2016     “Tea Talks お茶と祖国” Bradwolff Projects, Amsterdam, Netherlands (17 ~ 31 July, 2016)

2015     “One’s Ubiety” Utrecht/NOW IDeA, Tokyo, Japan (23 September ~ 4 October, 2015)

2014     “Ubiety”  HAGI-ART, Tokyo, Japan (21 October ~ 9 November, 2014)

2013     “Perspective” PLAZA Gallery, Tokyo, Japan (5 ~ 27 October, 2013)

2012     “Lat/Long Project I’m here”  BOKUTO MACHI MISE 2011 100 Days Project, Tokyo, Japan (10 December, 2011 〜18 March, 2012)

2010     “All things are changing day by day and always something happen in somewhere” Sakumotto, Tokyo, Japan

2006    “Echo” void+, Tokyo, Japan

2004    “Fragment” αM project Gallery ASK?, Tokyo, Japan

2004    “Crossing” inart gallery, Osaka, Japan

2000    “Walking in the space” INAX Gallery, Tokyo, Japan

1999     “Kitchen” MCO Gallery, Tokyo, Japan

1999     “Kitchen” Gallery Lasen, Tokyo, Japan



2017   Socially Engaged Art Project “MACHINOHANASHI” publication event / Residential area in Yokohama, Kanagawa, Japan

2017   “The Forest of Brown-Hawk-Owl” Public Art Open Program organized by Miyazaki prefectural Museum / SMILEHOME 360, Miyazaki, Japan

2017    Art Project “CYCLE” collaborate with Nico Alexander Schwenke (For a conference “An eye for community”) / DaQiao Atelier, Taipei, Taiwan

2012-2013   “The World of Ice” Art Link 2012 Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse, Kanagawa, Japan

2007     “Connect Happiness” WFP Campaign, Kanagawa, Japan



2015    “I’m here.” – “KACHOFUGETSU:FLOWERBIRDWINDMOON” Arena 1 Art Center, Los Angels, US

2015     “I’m here.” – “Parabola” Tomino-koji Gallery, Kyoto, Japan

2015     “NESSAI” – “Beyond the Clouds” Echigo Tsumari Satoyama contemporary Art Museum, Niigata, Japan (11 January ~ 29 March, 2015)

2014     “HERE TODAY” – “Meets Art – treasure in the forest”, Hakone Open-Air Museum, Kanagawa, Japan (22 March ~ 31 August, 2014)

2014     “Lat/Long project I’m here.” – “AOBA+ART 2014 Living Archive” Residential area in Yokohama, Kanagawa, Japan (20 September ~ 5 October, 2014)

2014     “The House of Waterfall” – “Shinano-Omachi Food & Art Corridor” Nagano, Japan (9 August ~ 24 August, 2014)

2013     “I’m here.ここにいるよ.” – “Setouchi International Art Festival 2013” Kagawa, Japan (19 July ~31 October, 2010)

2013     “Perspective” – “ARCHIPELAGO” Westbeth gallery, New York, US

2012     “Lat/Long project I’m here. ここにいるよ.” – “Art jamboree 2012” Aichi, Japan (21 July ~12 August, 2012)

2011     “Lat/Long project I’m here. ここにいるよ.” – “HOTELPUPIK 11” Artist in residency HOTEL PUPIK Scheifling, Austria (12 ~14 August,2011)

2011     “Lat/Long project I’m here. ここにいるよ.” – “AOBA+ART 2011” Residential area in Yokohama, Kanagawa, Japan (1 ~ 23 October, 2011)

2010    “Rainy Lane” – “Setouchi Art Triennale 2010” Kagawa, Japan

2010    “Picnic” – “Rokko Meets Art” Hyogo, Japan

2010    “A story” – “Dazzling, Garando” Tokyo University Art Museum,Tokyo, Japan

2009    “Hiroshima Art Project 2009 KIPPO-MARU” Hiroshima, Japan

2009    “All ears, eyes on; shade of life” – “Echigo-Tsumari Art Triennale 2009” Niigata, Japan (26 July ~13 September, 2009)

2009    “Everyone’s forest” – “Suito-Osaka 2009” Nakanoshima-Park,Osaka, Japan

2009    “Would you like one?” – “Trolls in the Park 2009 – Open Air Art Exhibition” Zenpukuji-Park, Tokyo, Japan

2008    “How many birds there?” – “AOBA+ART 2008” Residential area in Yokohama, Kanagawa, Japan

2007    “Projection of memories” – “Attempt” MUSEUM HAUS KASUYA kanagawa, Japan

2006 “Plant” and “Lily and Rose” – “Cool 4” gallery360° Tokyo, Japan

2005    “Stairs” – “ARCHITYPES” Canadian Embassy, Tokyo, Japan

2005    “Crossing” – “With books” Heyri Keumsan Gallery, Heyri, Korea

2005    “Books” – “Art Fair in Seoul” Seoul Art Center Seoul, Korea

2004    “Stairs” – “ARCHITYPES” Ivan Dougherty Gallery Sydney, Australia

2004    “Stairs” – “ARCHITYPES” Charles H. Scott Gallery, Emily Carr Institute, Vancouver, Canada

2003     “Stairs” – “Another World Museum” Gallery Side 2, Tokyo, Japan

2003     “Puddle” – “108” Ise Foundation N.Y Gallery, New York, US

2001     “Window, Porch, Puddle and Plug” – “Space jack!” Yokohama Museum Art Gallery + Yokohama Port-side Gallery, Kanagawa, Japan (1 September ~14 October, 2001)

2001     “HOME” – “Homesickness in Daylight” KASUGAI City Library and Culture Art Center, Aichi, Japan (3 ~25 March, 2001)

2001     “Three Rooms” – “Reading the Art Museum” Tokyo National Museum, Tokyo, Japan (23 January ~11 March, 2001)

2000    “Living Room” – “KANAAGAWA ART ANNUAL” Kanagawa Prefectural Hall Gallery, Kanagawa, Japan

2000    “PHILIP MORRIS ART AWARD 2000 Final Selection” Tokyo, Japan

1999     “Art Competition Jury Prize Exhibition 1998” Tokyo, Japan

1998     “PHILIP MORRIS ART AWARD 1998 Final Selection” Tokyo, Japan

1988     “Morphe 98” Nansei-cho, Mie, Japan)



2017      “In Future” Art work for the building entrance hall of STARTRAM, Hiroshima, Japan

2017      “The Forest of Brown-Hawk-Owl” Art work for the NPO of Employment support for people with disabilities SMILEHOME 360, Miyazaki, Japan

2015      “Minori” “Soranami” Art work for the building entrance and company caferie Okayama, Japan

2014      Graphic design for glass doors for Ohsumi Hospital, Kagoshima, Japan

2013      “Fluction” Art work for the entrance garden and glass corridor of KYORIN University Hospital, Tokyo, Japan

2012-2013 “The World of Ice” Art Link 2012 (Ice skating rink) Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse, Kanagawa, Japan

2012   “I’m here.” ART SETOUCHI, Takamatsu city community pool, Kagawa, Japan

2011  “Everyone’s Forest” Takatsuki Rehabilitation Hospital Child Ward, Osaka, Japan

2007    “Trees” “Yamanami I, II, III” Sculptures for the entrance of condominium BRANZ AKASAKA, Tokyo, Japan

2005       “Everyone’s Forest” Kansai Medical University Hirakata Hospital Child Ward, Osaka, Japan

2004       7 sculptures for the station building HABIS ENT, Osaka, Japan

2004       “Trees” at Shuwa Hospital, Saitama, Japan



2017  Bunkacho Agency for Cultural Affairs, Government of Japan

2012        Asian Cultural Council Fellowship Program

1998        “The Second Art Competition” Jury Award Prize (Tokyo, Japan)



2018        Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin, Germany (13 March, 2018 ~ 1 March, 2019)

2016        CBK Zuidoost BijlmAIR, Amsterdam, Netherlands (1 June ~ 1 August, 2016)

2012        Lower Manhattan Cultural Council Artist Residency SWING SPACE, New York, US

2011        HOTEL PUPIK, Scheifling, Austria



2004       KANAZAWA COLLEGE OF ART sculpture course (lecture) Kanazawa, Japan

2007-2015 ASAGAYA COLLEGE OF DESIGN SND ART a part-time instructor Tokyo, Japan

2014        TOKYO ZOKEI UNIVERSITY (lecture) Tokyo, Japan



2014-2018 Socially Engaged Art Project “Machinohanash vol.1~5” Machinohanashi executive committee

2018    “Forest of Aobazuku” making book Hyuga-city, Miyazaki, Japan

2016    Open Studio Program 68 “Why Do You Find That Landscape Interesting” Fuchu-city museum

2016    “Tea talks お茶と祖国” Bradwolff Projects

2013    “ARCHIPELAGO” Lower Manhattan Cultural Council

2013    “Setouchi International Art Festival 2013” Setouchi International Art Festival Planning Committee Office

2012    “MACHI MISE document book” Tokyo Cultural Creation Project × Tokyo Art-point Project

2010    “Setouchi International Art Festival 2010” Setouchi International Art Festival Planning Committee Office

2010    “Rokko Meets Art / Art Sanpo 2010 official guidebook” Hankyu Umeda Toho Group

2010    “Dazzling Garando” Tokyo Art University Photo Center

2009    “Echigo-Tsumari Art Triennale 2009” Echigo-Tsumari Art Triennale Planning Committee Office

2009    “Hiroshima Art Project / KIPPO MARU” Hiroshima Art Project Planning Committee Office

2009    “ART in Park 2009” Youkobo Art Space

2009    “Aqua Metropolis Osaka 2009 Art Documentation / 52 days photo book” Suito Osaka 2009 Planning Committee Office

2008    “AOBA+ART 2008 CATALOGUE” AOBA+ART Planning Committee Office

2005    “ARCHITYPES” Emily Carr Institute, Charles H. Scott Gallery

2005    “Nishiumeda Art Project” Hankyu Rilway

2004    “αM Project Annual Report 2004” Musashino Art University

2001     “Space Jack!” Yokohama Museum

2001     “Homesickness in Daylights” Kasugai Civic Cultural Foundation

2001     “Reading the Art Museum – Hyokeikan and Art of Today” The National Museum of Modern Art Tokyo

2000     “Kanagawa Art Annual 2000” Kanagawa Arts Foundation