Town Stories

Socially Engaged Art Project - Town Stories 街のはなし Logo and Book design: Daigo Nagamatsu Photo by Kyoco Taniyama


Residential Area Utuskushigaoka Aoba-Ward Yokohama Kanagawa, Japan

2014-  Socially Engaged Art project

Publication since 2014  (Vol.1, 2, 3, 4, 5)


Writing / Photo : Kyoco Taniyama

Edit / Proofreading : Motoko Fujii, Machiko Henmi

Logo & book design : Daigo Nagamatsu

Printer : Fujiwara Printing co.,ltd.

Issuer : Machino-Hanashi executive committee

Supported by : Utsukushigaoka Junior high school, Jisedaikougai-Machizukuri, WISE Living Lab, Tōkyū Dentetsu TOKURAKU


A socially engaged art project that I initiated in 2014 under the theme of “ Passing on the memories of the town”.

A publication project with residents compiling the history of Utsukushigaoka. Initiated by my question to the residents, “What is your favorite place in this town?”, I collected personal stories around their favorite places and found the coordinates of latitude and longitude relating to each location. The target group was multi generational, ranging from kindergarten children to senior citizens in their 80’s. Now that half a century has passed since the ‘newly developed residential areas’ emerged in numerous suburbs in Japan in the late 1960’s during the high economic growth period, people from three generations reside in this town. Being told from the point of view of the locals, we can see the changes in the perception of the town from the ‘newly developed residential area’ that had been believed to be new to a ‘town’, which eventually turned into the ‘hometowns’ of the children who grew up there. This project is an attempt to create a unique history of the town of Utsukushigaoka, which will be passed on to future generations, not by some research on history made by a third party, but as spoken in the residents’ own words. Currently volume 1 to 5 have been issued.