Rainy Lane

Setouchi Art Festival 2010
Rainy Lane 雨の路地 2010 Photo by Hiroyuki Kudoh

Ogi-island (Ogijima) Kagawa, Japan

2010 Setouchi International Art Festival



A project for an audience to come across small ten-minute rain showers at three locations on Ogi-jima, a small island floating in the Seto Inland Sea.

In former times when water pipes were not yet laid, nothing was more precious than water on the island where no rain falls in summer months. Inspired by old stories about water from the local residents, I wanted to send the rain of blessing on Ogi-jima in the boiling season. With the cooperation of the locals, I collected household goods including tubs and kettles, from which I invented a mechanism to let the water fall, utilizing the water from a well and gutters. When rain falls, the roof tiles laid on the ground become wet where the words of the people on the island emerge. During the exhibition period, many visitors waited for the rain to fall in front of the work in the ferocious heat, which overlaps the people on the island in old days, who looked up the sky, waiting for the rain to fall. The history of the water shortage on the island has been humorously replaced.


3 installations in the Ogi-island

Material: used containers from islanders, copper pipes, well water and pumps

Period: 19 July ~ 31 October, 2010

Venue: Naoshima, Teshima, Megijima, Ogijima, Shoudoshima, Ooshima, Inujima, Takamatsu port

Organized by : Setouchi International Art Festival Executive Committee

General Producer : Soichiro Fukutake

General Director : Fram Kitagawa