All ears, eyes on; shade of life

Kagamigaike in Nakao village, Niigata,Japan

2009 ECHIGO-TSUMARI Art Triennale

Period: 26 July ~13 September, 2009

Venue: Echigo-Tsumari Region 760㎢ (Tokamachi city, Tsunan Town Niigata, Japan)

Organized by : ECHIGO-TSUMARI Art Triennale Executive Committee

Co-Organized by : NPO ECHIGO-TSUMARI Satoyama Collaborative Organization

General Producer : Soichiro Fukutake

General Director : Fram Kitagawa


A site specific installation made around Kagami-ga-ike, an old spiritual pond in a tiny Nakao village in the mountainous area of Niigata prefecture, known for heavy snowfalls in winter.

During the winter period, I visited the 22 remaining households in the village to ask them about their life and also collected some old daily commodities including containers made of wood or straw. I cast those items, which would otherwise have fallen into decay, then placed a mirror inside each inspired by name of the pond (kagami means mirror), on which the memorable words by the villagers were engraved.

19 pieces were scattered around the pond, surrounded by beautiful nature. In a hut standing next to the pond I exhibited a video work of nature in the village and smiles, voices and words of the villagers, which was shot throughout the year. This is a work for the audience to search for in the nature, while listening to villagers’ words and the nature.

Material:Aluminum casting, Paint, Stainless steel, Steel, Concrete block