HERE TODAY @The Hakone Open-Air Museum 彫刻の森美術館 Photo by Kyoco Taniyama

Hakone Open Air Museum, Kanagawa, Japan

2014 Group show “Meets Art”

Period: 22 March ~ 31 August, 2014

Venue: Hakone Open Air Museum Main gallery

Organized by: Hakone Open Air Museum (CHOKOKU-NO-MORI ART FOUNDATION)


An outdoor sculpture taking the form of a table. Laid in the direction of true north, the tabletop consists of lead panels that mark the latitude and longitude of the location where the work is situated.

This piece was installed outside of a museum designed by sculptor Takeyoshi Inoue (1930-1997). After having researched Inoue’s personal history, existing works and his production concepts, Taniyama chose to set the height of the table at ground level, a decision inspired by Inoue’s preference to install his works at the subterranean levels by way of humbling them.

Here Today is a participatory project that invites visitors to engrave their names and the dates into the table surface. These marks can be copied onto paper with a rubbing technique and taken home. The final work is defined and composed by the total sum of marks left behind by the audience. The panels, on which the participants’ signatures are engraved, are stored to be used as plates for future prints. There were in total 1008 participants during the exhibition period.


Material: Steel, Lead, Wax, Shipboard, Paint

Size: W1300cm×H270cm×D125cm