I’m Here

I'm here. ここにいるよ.

Takamatsu city community pool, Kagawa, Japan

2012 Public Art Permanent Collection



Official name:Takamatsu city community pool

Address:10-53 Hamano-cho Takamatsu city Kagawa, Japan

Space: Full Space Renovation

Art produce : Art Front Gallery

Mechanical design: MONO-KOBO. CO.LTD

Construction:Hitahara Architecture workshop ( A.P.U Co.,Ltd.)


The blue and white lines that delineate the separate features within the space are a visual reflection on the way the ocean’s horizon looks in reality as it appears beyond the swimming pool. On the bottom of the circulating pool, the silhouettes of the fish from Seto Inland Sea look as if they are swimming with the current. On the bridge crossing the pool, the ridges of Megijima and Oshima are colourfully portrayed and in the centre of the pool, white objects depicting clouds slowly sway in the sea breeze. The coordinates of latitude and longitude are marked on five spots on the floor. The work allows the audience an exceptional opportunity to enjoy the sea and the sky in the region where fine weather continues in summer with no rain.

I was commissioned to renovate the public swimming pool, which had been closed due to deterioration and to turn it into an artwork, in the framework of the scheme ‘Art development in the public facilities’ of Art Setouchi 2013.

Material: Paint, Slip-proof Synthetic Resin Sheet, PVC pipe, Cutting sheet, Steel, FRP others