The Forest of Brown-Hawk-Owl  

Smile-Home 360 Hyuga city Miyazaki, Japan

2017  Public Art × Workshop event + Open Studio Program


Official name:NPO Hyuga city Tewotsunagu-Ikuseikai Smile-Home 360

Address:1812 Yamageotsu Tougoucho Hyuga city Miyazaki, Japan

Space: Wall of the building

Organizer: Miyazaki Prefectural Museum of Art

Public Art – Open Studio Program : 17, 19 ~23 November, 2017

Production management: Kimura Construction company Co.,Ltd.

Production/Construction:Beppukanamono Co.Ltd. , Tsukihara painting

Organized by: Miyazaki Prefectural Museum of Art

Co-Organized by: Hyuga City, Hyuga City Board of education


A public art open studio project to create a regional landmark in the Fukuse area which is located in the middle of the mountains of the Hyuga-shi, Miyazaki prefecture and whose local guardian god is the brown hawk-owl.

The building was once an elementary school, which closed its doors on its 136 years of history in 2011, but gained new life in 2015 as Smile Home 360, a life/work support and day care facility for the mentally challenged.

A workshop was held to draw the owl and nature of Fukuse with the local elementary school children, elderly people, users of the Smile Home 360 and its staff members. Based on the drawing of my choice, I designed a large mural sculpture inspired by playground equipment, which was then produced at the local metal factory. There is also a device to hang plants, which enables the users to grow vine plants and vegetables from spring to summer. In autumn, the harvest festival can be organized with the gathered vegetables so that the Smile Home 360 can grow as a center of local cultural exchange. Wishing the work to grow together with the Smile Home 360, I plan to continue communicating with the community through the letter exchanges named Brown hawk-owl Correspondence.


Works: Painting workshop event, Land mark design, Making Flag workshop

Material: Steel, Paint