What makes that scenery interesting for you?

Fuchu Art Museum, Tokyo, Japan

2016 Open Studio Program 68

Period:16 July ~ 30 October, 2016

Open Studio:16,17,21,23,27,28 August, 3,4,10,11 September, 2016

Exhibition:1 ~ 30 October, 2016

Artist Talk:30 October, 2016

Venue:Fuchu Art Museum Open Studio Program Room


Prior to the open studio, I explored the area around the museum to photograph scenes that I naturally responded to, while meeting local residents. I made drawings based on these pictures to examine what intrigued me about the scenes. Then I isolated some parts of buildings and scenes that I liked and recreated them as sculptures in the space. The working process was open to the public, in which scenery, possibly familiar to them, was transformed into artworks.


Material: Wood, Paint, Glass plates, Canvas, Aluminum wire, Wave plates, Blocks, Vinyl chloride pipe, Acrylic plate, others