Window, Porch, Puddle and Plug

Space jack! 2001
Puddle 2001 Material: wood, paint, wall-paper same as museum, acrylic plate Size: W840cmxH15cmxD52cm Photo by Junichi Kaizuka

Yokohama Museum of Art, Art gallery + Yokohama Portside Gallery, Kanagawa, Japan

2001 Group show “Space Jack!”

Curated by Yukie Kamiya

Period: 1 September ~14 October, 2001

Organized by : Space-jack Executive Committee, Yokohama Museum of Art, Art gallery + Yokohama Portside Gallery

An installation consisting of sculptures, which look like some scenes from a dream patched together. The pillar, standing in the middle of the space as if to block one’s way, is likened to a porch, for which a front door light and partial flooring are applied. Installed to its left is an illuminating window, and a long curbstone stretching along the right wall. Water flows out of the gutter. The plug box on the back wall, which is painted in the same orange colour as the floor of the porch, has an electric cable with both ends plugged in.