Unruly Splendour / Unbändiger Glanz 

Unruly Splendour

Exploring Bodies through the Spectrum of Nature

@Galerie im Körnerpark

Schierker Str. 8, 12051 Berlin, Germany


Artisrts: Andrea Acosta, Anajara Laisa Amarante, Anne Duk Hee Jordan, Nika Radić, Marie Salcedo Horn, Kyoco Taniyama, Sophie Utikal, RA Walden 


with Karin Korte, City Councillor for Culture and Introduction with DGS-translation

Curated by Kate Brehme phD and Kirstin Broussard



Monday, June 24, 6 pm

Tour with the curators and the artists Andrea Acosta, Marie Salcedo Horn and Kyoco Taniyama

Wednesday, July 31, 6 pm

Performance by Nika Radić

Saturday, September 21, 2-5 pm

Workshop for families

Wednesday, October 9, 5-8 pm

Finissage with coktails and cak