Concealment 2019


I form discarded objects that I collect – cans, rusty metal, empty bottles – to abstract sculptures, which I document photographically and by video before pouring plaster on them. Acton of covering the objects is the metaphor of “concealment”. Discarded objects are the metaphor of trash = negativity, past, or memories.
The white smooth surface pretends nothing is hidden underneath. When I walked the former Berlin Wall from south to north some times in different seasons, I was impressed that Germany has archived the negative past very well and open to the public. I created this conceptual sculptures when I felt the big differences of attitude to the understanding of history. (Many societies tend to hide negativities in general, Japan is no exception.)
With the video footage of the garbage sculptures, which are shown as a projection together with the plaster sculptures, I simultaneously reveal the origin and process of this concealment. Also, I have broken one of the sculptures and showed with other sculptures and the video.
The owner of the sculpture can get the right to break the sculpture. (contact:

Material: plaster, trashes that I picked up on the path of former Berlin Wall

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素材: 石膏, 旧ベルリンの壁から拾ってきたゴミ

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