The House of Waterfall 2014

The House of Waterfall

2014 Shinano-Omachi Food & Art Corridor
Shinano-Omachi city Nagano, Japan


A site specific installation work made in Shinano Omachi, located at the foot of the Japan Northern Alps, whose water quality is renowned to be the best in the country.
I created an indoor waterfall with the water from the mountain which was running inside of an old house for domestic use.
By way of research, I tried to trace back the source of the waterway to the waterfall using a map and a local guide. Blocked by a huge number of blackflies and a tall bush, I could only arrive at the area where the waterfall was audible. However I was able to reach the place where the water from the waterfall, that had once run underground, welled up from the surface. I learned that the water then ran into the Pacific Ocean.
In the production process in Omachi, which boasts exquisite spring water as a tourist attraction, I found that there was in fact a lot of plastic waste flowing into the waterway that cannot be dealt with. Through working in the site, I gained an opportunity to learn what is happening to the water not only in Omachi, but in Japan generally and in the world, and to rethink about how our everyday life should be.


Period: 9 August ~ 24 August, 2014
Matterial: Water, Copper pipes, Water pumps, Bamboo, others
Size: The House of Waterfall W360cm × H270cm × D130cm Waterfall of The Pot W100cm × H500cm × D70cm
Venue: In an old house in Shinano-Oomachi town
Material cooperation: Japan Copper Development Association
Photo: Takeshi Hongo, Kyoco Taniyama


2014 信濃大町 食とアートの廻廊展 



素材:水、銅管パイプ、ポンプ、壷、竹 その他
サイズ: 水路の滝W360cm×H270cm×D130cm 滝壺W100cm×H500cm×D70cm
素材協力:一般社団法人日本銅センター JCDA