Nessai 熱際 2015 Photo by Kyoco Taniyama

ECHIGO-TSUMARI Satoyama Contemporary Museum, Niigata, Japan

2015 Group show “Beyond The Clouds”

Period: 11 January ~ 29 March, 2015

Venue: ECHIGO-TSUMARI Satoyama Contemporary Museum


A work on the theme of literature from Niigata prefecture, a snowy region beloved by great writers. You can feel the vitality of the people in this snowy region, from the rich range of literature, from passionate romance stories in the snowy landscape to essays depicting the emotional life of the region vis a vis its snow. The colourful forest is an interpretation of people’s vitality and their longing for spring and summer beyond the thick clouds and further more simply for a warm place. The colourful leaves stretching out of trees are modeled after the author’s sketches of snowflakes in “Snow Country Tales”.

In the long exhibition space of 454m, four different fragrances, which are inspired by four keywords such as ‘Nessai ’, ‘snow’, ‘nature’ and ‘spring’, are present in each section. Also installed was a selection of nine books that served as inspiration sources. This installation offers a unique experience of life in a snowy region with a background of monochrome scenery beyond the windows.


Material: Stained bandage, Copper wire, Paper, Books, 4 kind of original perfume

Size: installation in the room of 4540cm×800cm

Book: Yasunari Kawabata “The Snow Country”, Masaaki Tachihara “Tsumigi no sato”, Bokushi Suzuki “Hokuetsuseppu”, Fumiya Hirata Editing “Horiguchi Daigaku shishu (a collection of poetry by Daigaku Horiguchi), Shuson Katou Editing “Japanese great Essays 51 snows”, Gyofu Soma “Gyofu Soma’s writing vol.3”, Gyofu Soma “Gyofu Soma’s writing vol.7”,Yoshitaka Iriya “Introduction to Zen -12 a collection of poetry by Ryoukan”, Eiichi Tanaka Editing “The Collection of Classical Literature in Niigata prefecture The Second stage vol.6 poetry/Haiku Poetry”, Eiichi Tanaka Editing “The Collection of Classical Literature in Niigata prefecture The first stage vol.4 Contemporary Editing I”