Three Rooms 2001

Three Rooms

The Tokyo National Museum Hyokeikan ,Tokyo, Japan
2001 Group show“Reading the Art Museum-Hyokeikan and Art of Today”


An installation at the Hyokeikan, the first substantial museum in Japan, which opened in 1909. When I visited there for the first time for my research, I was impressed by the tranquility inside the building and the empty showcases made of thick glass, which were solemn and resembled artworks. I created‘scenes that I have seen somewhere before’as my treasures and put them in the cases to present the whole as sculptures.


Period: 23 January ~11 March, 2001
Material: Steel, Paint, Carpet (same carpet as museum), Punch carpet, Flooring, Vertical shade, Existing glass case
Size: Room of shade W450cm×H235cm×D150cm, Room of shade W450cm×H235cm×D150cm, Blue corridor W1100cm×H260cm×D100cm
Organized by : The National Museum o Modern Art, Tokyo
Curation: Mika Kuraya 

2001 グループショウ「美術館を読み解くー表慶館と現代の美術」
東京国立博物館 表慶館 東京


サイズ:本棚の部屋 W450cm×H235cm×D150cm、ブラインドの部屋 W450cm×H235cm×D150cm、青の廊下 W1100cm×H260cm×D100cm
キュレーション: 蔵屋美香