Cycle 2017


Duo project

Kyoco+Nico Alexander Taniyama

Xingcheng Street, Datong District, Taipei City, Taiwan
Community-based Art Project & Solo show at DaQiao Gallery 2017

Research / Exhibition / Artist tour / Artist talk
Aluminium sculpture, 3 channel video installation, photography
Photography by Kyoco Taniyama
Film and edit by Nico Alexander Taniyama
Aluminium Sculpture manufactured by craftsman Mr.Lee at Xingcheng Street

In 2017 the exhibition was part of the conference of community “An Eye for Community” in Taipei.

Our life is structured by cycles, related to the rhythm of the earth surrounding the sun.
To explore the different scales of cycles, Kyoco + Nico dived into the daily working cycle of the Xingcheng Street (興城街).
They ordered a triple structured sculpture to a turner in the area and documented his carving technique by film as a metaphor of individual working cycle as micro perspective“1/3 近景 one”. They also filmed 24 hours time lap photo of the street as a city life cycle as between micro and macro perspective “2/3 中景 many”, and macro shots of metal surface and trashes as metaphor of macro perspective “3/3 遠景 all”.

During the 2 days exhibition, they held Artist tour on Xingcheng Street (guided by Kyoco) and Artist talk with the turner Mr. Lee. Through both events, they discussed about the relationship of local culture, industry and community and urban development, and also about technics of handcraft and future AI industrial development.