Missing Memory / photo installation 2019

Missing Memories

2019 solo show at  Kuenstlerhaus Bethanien

2018 Open Studio at  Kuenstlerhaus Bethanien

Berlin, Germany

Was Bleibt…
What remains…


What kinds of objects or things can be passed to later generations? In what shape? And, how?
During I was in the artist residency Künstlerhaus Bethanine Berlin, I strolled through from the South to the North the No man’s land of the ex-Soviet sector in the East, at where the Berlin wall once located. Pictures depicting cenotaph, history-telling signs of the wall, street lights of the old East Germany, a number of actual remains of the wall, forest, grass field, buildings, trash, and daily routines of the people. In just 43km, sceneries changed tremendously and extensively along the path, from pastoral scenes to metropolitan views. I was very much impressed by the Germany’s attitude to archive the history of failure, there I came to question why my native country Japan is so negative to pass the message of failure to later generations. Hiding up negativity and wrapping it as something gorgeous- such a phenomenon is not specific to Japan but universal to many countries and societies. Besides, such transfiguration and disremembering of matters happen, at all times, in our lives.

I aimed to visualize the theme of “Transfiguration and Disremembering of Matters” through the heartfelt, in-depth talks with the pictures, sculptures, and expressions.