ECHO 2006


2006  Void+ Tokyo, Japan  (Solo)


An installation to compose bright colours in a tiny space of 2 (H) x 2 (W) x 3 (D) m, which is brightly illuminated by white fluorescent lights. When you stand in the centre of the space, the surrounding colours echo each other, which affects your vision and creates a sense of floating. Inspired by the history of the room having been a janitor’s office of an apartment, I used needle punch carpet and some other material such as water pipes and tubs that are likely to be found behind such building. The exhibition consisted of an installation and a short essay.


They say when a butterfly flaps its wings on one side of the earth, a tsunami is triggered on the other. I think it’s true. When you replace the earth with a human being, the cause and effect relationship of the butterfly and the tsunami may be like the one between the bright blue in front of his eyes and the chemical reaction inside his body. What you see today might come back to your mind ten years later, which can suddenly turn your life around, or cause you to conceive of the greatest idea of the century. Trivial memories in everyday life function as triggers that affect people and things in the world in such a way that moves them forward.


Material : Steel, Paint, Punched carpet, Pipes, Taps, Joint, Acrylic plates others
Size : W200cmxH200cmxD300cm
Photo: Junichi Kaizuka


2006 Void+ 東京





サイズ : W200cm×H200cm×D300cm