A Story 2010

A Story

2010  Group show “Dazzling, Garando”
The University Art Museum, Tokyo University of  the Arts


The installation is changing by the movement of the wind that is invisible.
Inside of the huge glass case, the olive leaves start to tremble gently in the wind, lights the fluorescent lights one by one, suddenly wind blow strongly, the blue fabric fill with the wind like a sail and the yellow ribbon trail. Then the lights turn off one by one and the space return to the dark and quiet world. The movement of linkage is set by simple timer, so little by little the time lag occurs.
The wind cycle is the metaphor of the routine cycle of daily, society cycle, or natural cycle by rotation of the Earth. The time lag expresses a small gap in our daily that will give you new light or cast a shadow over our mind.
This installation gives us the opportunity to realize that our casual surrounding environment is special.


2010 「まばゆい、がらんどう」