Ubiety 2013


2013 BankART studio NYK, Yokohama
Aritst in Residence Program


In my childhood I moved a lot. Each time my surroundings changed so drastically that I could never establish a sense of belonging in any place and this leant uncertainty to my sense of being. This work comes from an idea that returning to places that lie in the centre of my memory might be a key to re-stablising this uncertainty.
Between two glass plates 16 monochrome aerial photographs of the locations, where I lived since my birth up to 2013, are placed in chronological order. On the upper plate I drew the latitude and longitude with white ink, showing the coordinates of each location. Although the coordinates of each place is different, I attempt to emphasize the timeline by connecting the latitudes.
Residency period: 20 May ~ 23 July, 2013
Material: Steel, Glass, Photos, White ink
Size: W70cm × H7.5cm × D280cm
Photo: Kyoco Taniyama



レジデンス期間:2013年5月20日~7月23日 65日間
素材: 鉄、写真、ガラス、白インク
サイズ: W70cm×H7.5cm×D280cm