The journey of stones, mountain 石の旅、山 2021

The journey of
stones, mountain

Solo exhibition
16.October – 24. November, 2021
Chrom VI
Ritterstrasse 11a, Hinterhof, 55743
Idar-Oberstein, Germany


This Exhibition is a part of “Symposium
ThinkingJewellery XII (12 – 17 October 2021)”
Kyoco Taniyama Exhibition page of HOCH
SCHULE TRIER campus Idar-Oberstein
Curation – Hans Benda (Chrom VI)
Special thanks – Chrom VI, JAKOB BENGEL

Research-based, site-specific installation;
Installation with a sound sculpture, 10″ vinyl
record of 6 min sound piece (collaboration
with Hans Benda), HD videos and cyanotype

I was inspired by the unique regional history
and situation of Idar-Oberstein, Germany, the
gem centre of Europe. Idar-Oberstein has a
history of working with gemstones going back
over 500 years. The first major activities started
when miners found amethyst and agate in the
area around the small towns of Idar and
Oberstein in the late 14th century. After these
gemstones ran out in Idar-Oberstein, German
workers moved to Brazil for mining gemstones
and they introduced mining, cutting, and
In the past, more than 5000 workers worked in
the small town. For a period of time, the Nahe
river was polluted with toxic substances used
to colour metals. The toxic substances and
dust from stone cutting damaged workers’
health. Now, this labour has moved to Asian
countries, including India and other
manufacturing countries.
At present, only high-quality gem dealers and
cutters work in Idar-Oberstein. All kinds of
gemstones are gathered in this small town.
Interestingly, we can find gemstones (although
not of jewellery quality) alongside the Nahe
river. This is because cutter factories used to
be built next to the river to use water power
and cutters threw substandard gems into the
river. We can witness the broad, global
network at the Nahe riverside.
This installation praises, remembers,
sympathizes with and expressing gratitude to
jewel industry workers. It is an homage to
former workers’ times and all kinds of labour.


The journey of stones, mountain


Performance for “The journey of stones, mountain.”
I turned the player with my hand. The repetitive motion to play the record without stagnation is a metaphor for “labor.” The process of the needle gradually scraping the surface of the vinyl record represents “time,” “oblivion,” and “ever-changing state.” Coincidentally, a diamond grinder on display at a local museum looks like a record player. It is an homage to former workers’ times and all kinds of labor.

Performance + side B

SIDE A 06:15

Recording: Kyoco Taniyama Editing: Hans Benda and Kyoco Taniyama

SIDE B 06:15

Recording: Kyoco Taniyama Additional instruments and sounds: Hans Benda Editing: Hans Benda and Kyoco Taniyama

Recorded on location Jakob Bengel Foundation, Deutsches Mineralienmuseum, and Quarry Allenbach, Idar-Oberstein 2021

Publisher: Chrom VI2021

Special thanks: Chrom VI, JAKOB BENGEL STIFTUNG and HOCH SCHULE TRIER campus Idar-Oberstein