One’s Ubiety ある人の所在 Exhibition views

Vol.1 2013 Solo show “Perspective ”

Period : 5 October ~ 27 October, 2013

Venue: Plaza Galley Tokyo

Exhibited 35 pieces

Organization / Plan: Exhibition series = Bottle Ship Rhapsody 14 sculptures
 Curated by Tadasu Fujii

Vol.2 2014 Solo show “About Ubiety”

Period: 21 October ~ 9 November, 2014

Venue: HAGI ART, Tokyo

Exhibited 8 pieces


Vol.3 2015 Solo show “One’s Ubiety ある人の所在”

Period: 23 September ~ 4 October, 2015

Venue: UTRECHT / NOW IDeA, Tokyo

Exhibited 8 pieces and publication


Vol.1 2013 Solo show “Perspective”
開催期間:2013年10月5日 – 2013年10月27日 
会場:Plaza Gallery 東京
キュレーター:藤井匡(東京造形大学 准教授)
主催・企画:<人・街・アート re-mix>美術展 第4期 ボトルシップ・ラプソディー 14の彫刻 / インスタレーションの場をめぐって


Vol.2 2014 Solo show“所在について”


Vol.3 2015 Solo show“One’s Ubiety ある人の所在”
8名の所在の展示とOne’s Ubiety冊子の発刊


A project to collect memories of people’s cherished places.
“What is the most cherished place in your life?”I ask the project participants about the locations and interview them about stories around these places. I then identify the coordinates of latitude and longitude of the location, order an aerial photograph of the time when a story took place from the Geographical Survey Institute, recapture the image with a blur effect and case it in an iron frame together with a glass plate on which the coordinates of latitude and longitude are marked. Due to the space between the glass plate and the photograph, the cross point of the coordinates cast a shadow on the photograph, which can create an ambiguity of the exact location. Each piece is owned by each participant.
This project reminds us that there are personal memorable places everywhere on this planet and each place is equally precious.
On the other hand, the work also reminds us of how thoroughly contemporary society is controlled when each coordinate can so easily be found on the internet.
* The origin of ubiety comes from a Latin word“ubi”(which means‘where’), meaning the quality or state of being in a place. It is similar to a Japanese word shozai – the composition of‘a place to be (space)’and‘existence (time / memory)’-, and currently rarely used in Europe.


素材: 鉄, ガラス, 写真 、白いインク
フレームサイズ: W40cm×H30cm×D33cm  計51作品