“About Place” at University of La Verne | Harris Gallery

“About Place”  at University of La Verne | Harris Gallery

University of La Verne, 1950 Third Street, La Verne, CA 91750
Mo-Thu, 11-16 Uhr, Admission free
Exhibition: 15.  March – 12. May 2022
Curator: Ichiro Irie
Finissage & Guided tour with artists: on Sunday, April 24, at 6pm.
Artists: Heini Aho, Tanya Aguñiga, Sandra Calvo, TJ Dedeaux-Norris, Renée Lotenero, Sandra Mann, Kyoco Taniyama

I am showing a site-specific installation, “Sound from the Golden Age,” that I made in 2020-2021 during corona lockdown as a prelude to the “About Place.” Supported by: Nomura Foundation, University of La Verne, Pasadena Art Alliance.